Anagram Fun

Solve the Lynbrook Street Name anagrams below. Each correct anagram solved will reveal a missing piece of the picture below. Can you solve enough anagrams to reveal what the picture is – or the whole picture?


A bibs gym Correct Ably law Correct Act lout Correct
Ad cry Correct Any lids Correct Arch drip Correct
Ark cud Correct Ay lets Correct Band liberal Correct
Bang him Correct Bash gurus Correct Be dry Correct
Be room Correct Beagle run Correct Bier elm Correct
Bite me Correct Bods on Correct Bony ant Correct
Both boy Correct Bra icon Correct Brand rests Correct
Broken log Correct Brooded owl Correct Buses sin Correct
Calm wood Correct Camel micro Correct Afflicter Correct
Caves harm Correct Cell trot Correct Chilled fit Correct
Clap he Correct Clobber Correct Club key Correct
Coat Correct Cob wink Correct Cod elm Correct
Creates leg Correct Damn why Correct Day even Correct
Deeply Correct Dock wool Correct Drum griever Correct
Earn pots Correct Flan rink Correct Flip due Correct
Fort crow Correct Germ oil Correct Good hope Correct
Hah an ran Correct Ham all Correct Hard for Correct
heel it Correct help in Correct her tony Correct
hulk sac Correct i love Correct impale Correct
Inky legs Correct Knee toys Correct Lather pro Correct
Linked figs Correct Livers Correct Loss res Correct
Main cop Correct Map run Correct Meals Correct
Mug nut Correct Nice lot Correct Ouch ninths Correct
Overspilt Correct Rad by Correct Rag lye Correct
Razes nap Correct Read welsh Correct My real Correct
Rely oil Correct Rem rec Correct Rent art Correct
Sheen gel Correct Sinned Correct Sir rah Correct
Rob ref Correct Son ran Correct Owl spar Correct
Synod Correct Tab ties Correct There runlet Correct
Tie toll Correct Ton pen Correct Torn arm Correct
Torrent spew Correct Use oil Correct Valley sun Correct
Vanes Correct Violin gents Correct White roll Correct
Yolk born Correct