Welcome to the Lynbrook dot-to-dot trivia challenge
Look at the map of Lynbrook below. Connect those seemingly random distribution of dots in the correct order to reveal something relevant to Lynbrook. There are 25 connections that join the 28 points together. Those connections correspond to the clues you’ll find below . For each correct answer entered, a new connection will be revealed to you. The more correct answers, the more connections revealed, the better your chance of revealing the answer. Happy hunting …

From the Lynbrook web-site Clue 1 Lynbrook was ‘born’ on this date … Correct
Clue 2 The inaugural Lynbrook Moonlight Cinema featured this movie … Correct
Clue 3 The LRA joined forces with this authority to celebrate the opening of the new Lynbrook train station …
Clue 4 Our LRA president was In The News via this type of media on 24 November 2012 …
Clue 5 The 5th Facebook group listed on the Social Media page has this Facebook group number …
Clue 6 According to the What To Do page, the farthest Museum from Lynbrook is this number of Kilometers … Correct
City of Casey
Clue 7
Unscramble ‘Meany Whits’ to identify this Ward Councillor … Correct
Clue 8
A second recycle bin from Casey Council will cost you this much per year … Correct
Clue 9
The City of Casey, according to the 2011 census, has this population … Correct
Clue 10 Postcodes from ALL Casey suburbs and towns beginning with the letter H adds up to this … Correct
Around the World
Clue 11 When a captial city has no E’s but has three E’s … Correct
Clue 12 Can you hear the lichen moowing? Correct
Clue 13 This country is where to go to for all your neck-ware needs … Correct
Clue 14 Get down and groove to this capital city … Correct
Clue 15 Have you ‘bean’ to this capital city? Correct
Parts of the body
Clue 16 Principal school teacher … Correct
Clue 17 Small, burrowing mammal … Correct
Clue 18 Treasure box … Correct
Clue 19 Entrance to the sea … Correct
Clue 20 Scarlet prison … Correct
Music Clue 21 Masculine precipitation … Correct
Clue 22 Moody reptilian believes that what goes around, comes around … Correct
Clue 23 A Dad’s foray into waste management … Correct
Clue 24 Inhabitants of peaceful above and fiery below – a pretty sight it aint … Correct
Clue 25 Twice the effort from the postman … Correct